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Quality SEO For The Rest Of Us

The elusive Search Engine Optimization dream doesn’t have to stay a dream. With the right approach, any business in 2021 can ride the tsunami that is organic search traffic.

No Contracts

The only thing keeping clients on board here are good vibes. Oh! and unmatched results, of course.

Laser Focused

Search Engine Optimization is it’s own beast. Don’t let these jack-of-all-trades Agencies confuse quantity with quality.

Personal Touch

No middlemen in sight. When you sign up to work with me, you actually get to work with me. Revolutionary stuff!

Organic Exposure

There’s nothing quite like knowing that every prospect looking for services that you offer is bound to find you before your competition.

Authority Status

Few things sell better than Authority Status. Guess what happens when your business is there to answer every question your target market has about your industry? It’s nothing bad, I promise 😉


Business is about adding value to the marketplace. As That One SEO Guy, I am committed to working strictly with quality businesses that deserve the spotlight. Creating a unique Win/Win/Win scenario where the world, my clients, and I win as a whole simply by doing what we do best.

Lawrence has a tremendous amount of experience in SEO and will get your website ranking to increase traffic to your site! I highly recommend his services and know he does a great job. Thx! Jenn

Jennifer Edwards

There aren’t many people I trust to advise me on matters of SEO but Lawrence definitely makes that list. I strongly advice any business owners who are looking to grow their business to work with him if they get the chance.

Jason Croft

Lawrence is extremely quick and effective with his work. He has met his milestones and [is] very thorough. Throughout the past 3 months working with Lawrence I learned that I can count on him with a simple phone call. I am gonna definitely keep him on my team of highly effective partners.

Luke Gray

The World Has Changed.

Don’t Get Left Behind.

The only prerequisite for a successful business is offering something that people are willing to pay for. The rest is just positioning.